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Feeding Marines

Next weekend, Cooking with the Troops will be feeding a holiday meal to some 250 Marines and family members.  This is part of a larger event, where the USO of Indiana is taking care of activities and we are taking care of the food.  Now, Marines can eat.  So, below the fold is a bit of what is going in to feeding them.

2 Smoked Turkeys        Platter? (D&R Market)
2 Fried Turkeys        Platter? (D&R Market)
2 Cooked Hams        Platter? (D&R Market)
Mashed Potatoes        Chafing Dish, 2-3 inserts (20lbs?)
Sweet Potatoes        Chafing Dish, 2-3 Inserts (20lbs?)
Brown Gravy        Crock Pot, ladle (one gallon, make scratch that morning)
Green Beans        Chafing Dish, 2-3 inserts (275 portions min)
Mushrooms        Chafing dish, 2-3 half sheet pans, rack (100-200)
Dates            Chafing Dish, 2-3 half sheet pans, rack (100-200)
Black olives        Bowl, serving spoon, tongs (2 jumbo cans)
Green olives        Bowl, serving spoon, tongs (2 large jars)
Cornichons        Bowl, serving spoon, tongs (4 jars)
Dessert Popcorn        Bowl, scoop, spoon, tongs (10 bags min)
6 dozen minicupcakes    Platter? tongs? (Baker's Peak)
2 pies            Pie servers (2) (Baker's Peak)
4 dozen? minicupcakes    Platter? tongs? (Mammaws)
4 dozen? cookies        Platter? tongs? (Mammaws)
4 pies            Pie servers (4) (Mammaws)
2 bags Oreos        Platter
3 bags coffee        100 cup coffee maker (Devil Dog Brew)
3 bags decaf        100 cup coffee maker (Devil Dog Brew)
spiced apple cider        Crock Pot, ladle, 3 gallons
Hot water            50 cup coffee maker (Sue)
Assorted Teas        (NTG Lipton, english bkfst)
Hot chocolate mix        2 boxes each (NTG Dark Chocolate)
Iced Tea, sweet         3-gallons? (NTG)
Iced Tea, unsweet        2 gallons? (NTG)
4L Mt. Dew
2L Mt. Dew Code Red
6L Dr. Pepper
6L Diet 7-Up
6L 7-Up
6L Canda Dry Ginger Ale
8L A&W Root Beer
6L Countrytime Lemonade
60 cans Coke        (NTG)
6L Diet Coke        (NTG)
300 plus styrofoam coffee cups
300 plus napkins       
300 9oz. cups for soft drinks
300 plus heavy duty paper plates
300 plus heavy duty plastic knives
300 plus heavy duty plastic forks
300 plus heavy duty pastic spoons
300 plus coffee stirrers
400 sugar packets
400 Sweet & Low packets
100 Splenda        (NTG)
100 Equal        (NTG)
50 regular Coffee mates
50 Hazelnut Coffee mates
50 French Vanilla Coffee mates
cream            (NTG) (in container)
half & half            (NTG) (in container)    Bowl for ice and holding milk products
milk            (NTG) (in container)
power strips (2)
power cords (2)
table covers (4?)
immersion blender
food processor

Big thanks go to D&R market for their help with the meats (and they do good meats!), and to Lafayette Bank & Trust for coffee cups and napkins.  The coffee is coming from Devil Dog Brew, which Bob and I plan on using for all our coffee needs.  There is more news coming about that, too. Green beans will be in individual portions wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with a brown sugar and mustard mixture.  Sweet potatoes will most likely be a casserole, and the mashed potatoes may have roasted garlic and cheddar cheese included.  The dates are going to be wrapped in bacon, and if time allows, I am going to do a second batch stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. 

Ignore the notes, this is part of what I am using to generate my checklists and action plans for the next few days.  If you are in the Indy area, and are interested in volunteering, drop me a line at the e-mail addy over on the right. If you want to help with this and similar events and can't be here, well, it's easy enough to do

The truly scary thing is, I'm not sure it's enough...