Our Three Stooges of Counterterror
When the I.V.A.W. Jackwagons come to your home town...

Concealed carry is counterterrorism

Following on my disgust at the low grade of our counterterror leadership, let's look at a portion of our anti & counterterror efforts right here at home. Bob Owens has a piece that does that quite tellingly in light of our Xmas terror warning from Big Sis.

The document suggests that terrorists may consider public gatherings like “sporting events, parades, religious and cultural activities” to be attractive targets. “Attacks against these targets could maximize the psychological impact on the American public given the symbolic importance of the holiday season to many in the United States,” says the bulletin. “Attacks against air cargo during this busy season are also a concern.”

If you guessed that all of these are (a) places where large crowds gather, and (b) places where authorities have outlawed the otherwise legal carry of concealed weapons, you were right!

Laws of course vary from state to state, but the simple fact is that the large majority of states — even those that allow concealed carry — have lacked the foresight to see a concealed carry permit holder as anything other than a civilian protecting himself or herself. They have yet to grasp the fact that concealed carry permit holders are the first line of defense against a Mumbai-style attack.

Absolutely true. We simply do not have the resources to expect that we will have police wherever the terrorists decide to attack us. They have obviously figured out that our soft underbelly is nationwide. What is going to happen when the jihadi maroons stop failing at bomb-building and decide to succeed at firing a gun into a crowd? Ignorant as these goat-raping clowns are, they can pull that off. At that point any who is not armed is a victim in waiting. But if the swine happen to hit a food court at the Mall where I am having a snack, it will turn out quite differently.

At the risk of revealing my true arrogance, I do not recognize the right of any individual or group to disarm me. So regardless of what rules petty bureaucrats may enact, I will retain my right to self defense. So when Ahknard pulls out an AK, I will take dead aim and he will eat multiple .357 cal 125 gr. semi-jacketed hollow points. This type of response is most likely to happen in red state areas and if the jihadis had any intellectual firepower they would concentrate their efforts in Chicago, NYC and DC where the government has disarmed the populace. The only thing they woulod have to look out for is the well-armed and extremely violent gangs in all those areas, but they would have plenty of defenseless sheep to slaughter. Weird huh, how the most gun-controlled areas in the country have some of the worst gun violence. We probably just need a few more laws, or regulations.

The bottom line is that when seconds count the police are minutes away. Yet the unorganized militia is all around, kinda like the Founders figgered.