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Into The Light: Leslie Nielsen

WikiWankers are doing this why?

Another gargantuan pile of stuff nobody was supposed to see, showing a grand total of zero outrages. Wasn't that what Ass-Flange was supposed to be doing? You know, shining a light on the heinous crimes of the imperial oppressors? What complete, unimitigated, horse shite. This is nothing but Anti-Americanism wrapped in a sleazy cloak of whistle-blowing. No crimes, no outrages, nothing but gratuitous outing of not even very dirty laundry. Go read the NY Times version of S! State Dept. Entertainment.

27 SEPT 1900 Classification: BITCHY
US Emb Kabul: OMG Karzai is stealing everything and did you see that awful robe he wore?

US Emb Karachi: ROFLMAO he is such a thief and I wouldn't let him dress my dolls

Now I am not minimizing the damage these ass clowns have done to our security, it is already way past the point where I think Assange should be looking at the inside of a container on a ship doing lazy racetracks around the Indian Ocean. But the idea that there is a scintilla of legitmate altruism in this whole sorry affair is well past it's stench date. Now how can we get this jackwagon on a plane to Sweden? Bill Kristol has wise counsel, as always.