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We have always been at war with South Korea

I have a Big Peace piece regarding the latest North Korean aggression. Here is the conclusion and I think I have coined a term in NorkGeld, what say ye Grim?

The other benefit of saber-rattling is payment of  the NorkGeld. That’s right, every time they do this they are usually also in dire need of food, oil and cash. They do a fair business in the arms trade and have dabbled in nuclear proliferation, but they know they will get satchels of cash, barrels of oil, and some rice if they remind us they can make a big mess. So we will soon be partnering with our good friends and owners the Chinese to pay the North Koreans to chill. I assume we will have some questions tied to that new nuke facility, but honestly I doubt we will act strongly against it. Appease and pay ‘em off, can’t wait to add the Iranians to that list.
Update: It has been pointed out that my headline is ambiguous. I have several 1984 refs in the piece and the headline was an internal message to the Nork drones.