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Turkey invites China over for wargames & chai

WTF? This is just another sign that we are facing some major changes in the strategic balance of power. China is on the move and so is Turkey, and the move is away from the US.

The Turkish and Chinese air forces secretly participated in a military drill in Konya as part of the “Anatolian Eagle” war games, prompting a reaction from Washington, daily Taraf reported Thursday.

It's even better when you look at the route they took to get to the party.

The Chinese fighters flew to Turkey, after stopping in Pakistan and Iran.

Gee there is just a lovely chain of bad actors all in a row. Anyone who thinks the Chinese are not about expanding their reach ought to explain the blue water navy and 5th generation fighters they are building, or those troops in Kashmir, or the manufactured beef w/ Japan. They are in a very advantageous position vis a vis America and they are damn sure taking advantage of it.

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