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Time for Sec Def Gates to hit the bricks

One of Obama's moves early on that gave me some hope he was not a complete muppet on foreign policy, was keeping Gates on as Sec Def. That hope changed into disgust as it became apparent that all the Obama talk about taking the fight to Afghanistan was just political rhetoric. Obama was looking for a way to cut and run from Day One. Now he has placed a political tool in the role of National Security Adviser and has turned Gates into an errand boy for his plans to reap a war dividend.

Yep smack dab in the midst of an ongoing long war with the Islamists, facing increased Russian and Chinese arsenal building, and with the clock ticking toward zero on Iranian nukes, Barry O is gonna save the economy by slicing and dicing the military to bits. The peace dividend at the end of the Cold War severely hurt our over all readiness and now without even the shroud of peace, we are poised to self-emasculate our much-needed nuclear deterrent.

( – The Obama administration is stepping up the pressure on the U.S. Senate to vote to ratify the new arms-reduction treaty with Russia. President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday all called for action during the looming “lame-duck” session.

And to make it worse he figgers this would be a perfect time to shove some DADT repeal down our throats.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates told reporters in Australia on Sunday that he would like to see Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed in the lame duck session of Congress.

He also seems to think that subverting the will of the US people is just fine as long as you have some greater purpose in mind. He has definitely been hanging around with the Obama crew for too long. Sorry Bob, but when the American people speak as loudly as they did at the polls we expect all of our public servants to pay the Hell attention. Yeah Bob, public servants. I realize that is not how you Obama administration types are empowered to view them, but the great unwashed are your bosses and we expect to be obeyed. Just because you can game the system to chase your fantasy nuke free world and make the world a better place with a gay in every foxhole doesn't mean you should.

You served well during a difficult time Mr. Gates, but you are tarnishing that by now serving as a lap dog for a President and administration working to eliminate our expeditionary military capabilities. That would be a net loss for the planet, stop helping them.