Time for Sec Def Gates to hit the bricks
Dem zombies crank cowbell to 11

The Ballad of Joshua Key turns South

TSO over at the farm team has a wonderful update to the touching story of a complete douche who escaped to the Republic of Canadia when it became time to go back to war. He is a proud deserter and he even inspired an ancient Canadian hippie to write the Ballad of Joshua Key in honor of how bravely he ran away. Well now he may be coming home via the Canadian courts, oh joy. TSO also has a link to some of the greatest radidio we ever done did. David Bellavia and I were doing a show for Radio America and TSO got us the Canadian hippie songwriter on as a guest. He told the guy we were anti-war veterans who did a show called Blue Falcon Radio, I know I know. The guy came on and for 20+ minutes David and I threw him as many outrageous lies as we could and the guy just ate 'em up. I recounted the scene in Platoon where Barnes shoots the chief and Elias tackles him with an Iraqi twist and he said he knew war was hell. David threw him a tale about a pile of dead babies and boogie boarding, I am not even joking. We couldn't believe how long it went on. Go to TAH and read the whole story this is just priceless.

Here is the link to the Blue Falcon Radio piece [24:02]: Download BlueFalconRadioDesertersSong