Valour-IT Auctions Ending Soon!
Atlas Shrugged

Team Army - Ranger Up Gives 20% of All Sales Today and Tomorrow

This deal ends tonight at 11:59PM EST!

Team Army in Project Valour-IT's annual competition for Soldiers Angels  needs your help.

Thank you to everyone who has donated their valuable time and hard-earned money to our cause!

Be sure to check the auction pages every day.  If you win an auction, be sure to declare your auction for Team Army unless the seller has stated a preferred branch.

Speaking of Rangering up and moving on to the next objective, the vets over at Ranger Up are insisting on supporting the goal this weekend.  Here are the details:

    20% of all sales this weekend at Ranger Up will go to the Soldiers Angels Team Army fund to help wounded warriors heal and reconnect with the rest of the world.  The incentive starts Saturday, November 6th (0:01AM EST) and continues through Sunday the 7th (11:59PM EST).  On Tuesday, Ranger Up will donate the 20% of all items sold this weekend to Valour-IT!

Since Mrs. Blackfive and I have bought so much of the RU gear, we'll be looking at some of the newer items to pre-order on Saturday like:


Damn, I like that paratrooper shirt!

Or this one:


Of course, you could order the Blackfive t-shirt or the Warrior Legacy Foundation shirt (seeing more and more of those lately) or this completely badass Soldiers' Angels shirt on Saturday too!

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So cruise around Ranger Up and wait to buy on Saturday or Sunday and help support our wounded troops!