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Sarah Palin's Alaska

As some of you may remember, those of us at Blog World this year were treated to a sneak peak at TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska by former para (and current mega-producer) Mark Burnett.  It debuted last Sunday (yes, I am late), and I have now finally seen most of the first episode. 

You need to watch this show, no matter your thoughts on the "host."  Wow does not begin to cover it.  I expect good cinematography, production, and production values from any show done by Mark Burnett, but he and his team have outdone themeselves.  If you have HD, you need to be watching in HD...  If you are a rabid Palin fan or hater, it won't change your thoughts about her; but, for those in the great middle, it provides some interesting insights into her, her family, and their life.  Good food for thought there, as well as in the nature coverage in the show. 

Enjoy the wonder and beauty that is Alaska, being shown by people who clearly love it (and not just the Palin's).