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Pentagon's precious 'diversity' now affecting the SEALs

Minority seals The Navy Times reports that Naval Special Warfare is trying to boost the amount of minorities in the SEALs:

The Naval Special Warfare Center is embarking on new marketing and awareness campaigns to reach more minority candidates who have the best odds of becoming Navy SEALs in the hope that those efforts will diversity the commando force.

The campaign is the latest move by Naval Special Warfare Command to boost its recruitment of minorities, particularly African-Americans, to attend the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course and follow-on SEAL Qualification Training and join the all-male community of special operators — one that historically has been largely white.

White... black... I thought SEALs were the men with green faces. In my experience, we all bleed red. How about the pencil-pushers at the Pentagon get it through their tiny heads that they should be in the business of finding the BEST men for the job rather than the most ethnically representative sample of society.

Naval Special Warfare Command hired three contractors for the diversity initiative, which will renew naval special warfare’s outreach to historically black colleges and universities; develop new marketing strategies that focus awareness, screening and recruiting efforts on minority communities; and develop research that identifies the traits of successful BUD/S candidates to hone recruiting.

“Each initiative has a different approach to get a candidate that we want. When you have a multifaceted approach, you start to mesh the different initiatives together to get more successful candidates,” Cmdr. Brodes Hartley, naval special warfare’s force diversity officer, said in a Navy Compass article.

This sounds like a massive investment in Fraud, Waste, and Abuse to me. A NSW "diversity officer?" Three diversity contractors? I wonder how much all this costs.

I can't speak for black SEALs, but if the Navy were going out of its way to recruit white SEALs, I would feel pretty insulted. Does the Pentagon think that blacks are so dumb that they have to launch an initiative to coax them into serving? Or perhaps they think blacks are too scared? Who the hell knows? (Actually, the article alludes to the racist stereotype that blacks can't swim)

The latest plan comes as top military leaders — including Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a former CNO — have spoken publicly about the importance of diversifying the military for the next generation, with diversity targets set for 2037.

Perhaps these Admirals could focus more on achieving victory in our war against the jihadists, and then they can move on to their social agendas.

To reach those goals within its senior officer ranks, naval special warfare must boost the number graduating and completing all BUD/S and SEAL Qualification Training by 15 or 16 minority officers and 40 to 50 sailors, the command wrote in the solicitation.

And just how do these diversity gurus propose we increase the minority SEALs, magic wands? Or would they be willing to utilize a double standard in order to keep up diversity requirements? And what if the military doesn't meet these requirements, would some Sonya Sotomayor wanna-be judge decide to freeze BUD/S because it was unfair to minorities like firefighters in New Haven, Conn., FDNY, and other cities nationwide? Or maybe they could institute a racist policy like the NFL's, where minority coaches have to be interviewed for a job (I would be VERY insulted if I knew I was only being interviewed to check off a box on a legal form). This nonsense is something we firefighters have to live with already; the SEALs shouldn't have to.

I think the United States and the free world in general would be better off if this puss-nut "diversity" program disappeared, and the money they are spending on this racist nonsense would be better spent on operational items.