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November 2010

WikiWankers are doing this why?

Another gargantuan pile of stuff nobody was supposed to see, showing a grand total of zero outrages. Wasn't that what Ass-Flange was supposed to be doing? You know, shining a light on the heinous crimes of the imperial oppressors? What complete, unimitigated, horse shite. This is nothing but Anti-Americanism wrapped in a sleazy cloak of whistle-blowing. No crimes, no outrages, nothing but gratuitous outing of not even very dirty laundry. Go read the NY Times version of S! State Dept. Entertainment.

27 SEPT 1900 Classification: BITCHY
US Emb Kabul: OMG Karzai is stealing everything and did you see that awful robe he wore?

US Emb Karachi: ROFLMAO he is such a thief and I wouldn't let him dress my dolls

Now I am not minimizing the damage these ass clowns have done to our security, it is already way past the point where I think Assange should be looking at the inside of a container on a ship doing lazy racetracks around the Indian Ocean. But the idea that there is a scintilla of legitmate altruism in this whole sorry affair is well past it's stench date. Now how can we get this jackwagon on a plane to Sweden? Bill Kristol has wise counsel, as always.


I took a few hours today to spend with Currahee mountain, made famous by the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  They took its name as their motto:  originally, it is Cherokee for "Stands Alone."  The mountain does in fact stand alone, being a sort of rear guard for the Appalachians.  

Currahee! and Thanksgiving 023

Here below is a video of the view from the top.

Download Currahee

The original 506th PIR is in no danger of being forgotten, because of a famous mini-series about their Easy Company.  Let's remember their currently serving brethren as well.  The 506th Infantry Regiment today is part of 4BCT, 101st Airborne Division, and currently serving in Paktika province, Afghanistan.  This is their second trip to Afghanistan.  They also saw service in Iraq, in 2005-6.

UPDATE:  You'll notice an odd fact about the memorial sign:  the unit heraldry is reversed as in a mirror image.  I'll bet some folks were hot about that.

UPDATE:   Durka-Durka points out that the unit heraldry is actually correct for the original unit; it's just that the DUI was redesigned to reverse it at some point.  Anyone know the story?  Here is the current unit heraldry, which many of us have seen around Iraq or Afghanistan.

Escanaba in da Moonlight- a film review (kinda)

For the uninformed, bi-coastal elites, the U.P. is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it's denizens are Yoopers. I have a long and storied history w/ da UP as wells as many quality Yoopers. Let's clear one ting (no H needed) up right away, da UP should be the Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin, not Michigan. I don't know if we owed Michigan money or what, but it is ridiculous to make it part of Michigan. I have always proposed dat Wisconsin should annex da UP and then change our state capital to Green Bay. I will eventually assemble da perfect drunken mob to make this a reality.

Green Bay would be da last bastion of semi-civiliazation before you hit da forests up Nort (no H needed). I have been up there to ski, party, ski party but also for da purpose our movie spotlights, deer hunting. I have been to a number of deer camps, and yes I did kill several nice bucks if not a turdy pointer. All of that makes me fairly well qualified to talk about Escanaba in da Moonlight, but it goes even deeper. I never had a nickname for the first 30+ years of my life, until my daughter and I moved in to a house in Appleton, WI w/ 6 Yoopers, who all actually were from Escanaba, right across the backyard. Dey were all down working in da paper mills which is shift work so there were always a couple of them on the back deck or inside at the kegerator bar sipping a Lite Beer from Miller. Whenever I got home and poked my head out the back door, I would hear a thunderous "Hey Jimbo, wouldja like a cold one chum?". This was always followed by the mellifluous strains of "Stranglehold" by Sweaty Uncle Teddy, which for some reason they dubbed my theme song. (ain't that right Mike Kwarciany and Billy and Bobby Arts?)

So they named me Uncle Jimbo during one of the many times we were laughing our asses off to South Park. They also marvelled at the fact that my daughter, who was in First Grade, played Euchre. And not just played, but played well and savagely. She had learned on the lap of her Grandfather who is the Gen. Patton of the game. We spent quite a few awesome nights playing cards with a houseful of expatriate Yoopers and all the local neighbor ladies, who they married up as I recall. It would get late and whenever I would propose removing my daughter from the game I would be serenaded by a chorus of "Oh No Jimboooo, let 'er stay eh? C'monnn chum it's only 1230, let me get you a beer and it's her deal."

Now let's get to the movie, Escanaba in da Moonlight was a fun, light-hearted, ridiculous story and I think many Yoopers experienced it like home movies. Of course it was over da top wit some of dat stuff, dontcha' know. But Goddammer eh? Dat's how dey talk. I read a couple of reviews savaging it for portraying Upper Mid -Westerners as ignorant, backwards etc. and then noted that none of those critics had any ties to the area. This was hardly a slap at the culture, it was a triumph of the poor jinxed Buckless Yooper who had never killed one and who had to seal the deal this year or he would be the oldest cherry in his family's storied history.

Jeff Daniels wrote the play that this movie was adapted from and starred and directed in this, and if I ever get a chance to see it done in his Purple Rose Theater in Michigan I would love to. The bulk of the movie takes place in the cabin at deer camp and it would be wonderful to see it live in an intimate setting. Now let's be perfectly frank here this is not My Dinner w/ Andre, it's Escanaba in da Moonlight OK? But even with a perfectly predictable ending and an obligatory "fart power" bit it was still fun to go huntin' wit da Yoopers 'ya know? Especially if you have had the pleasure of knowing a few, and if you haven't you've been cheated. For another fun dose of UP culture there was a Sundance Channel series called Nimrod Nation about the Watersmeet, MI basketball team. Ya der hey, some good folks up Nort.

Marines act like Marines

Jackwagon attempts to steal toys from Best Buy, and then.. well just have a read and a chuckle.

Duggan and several other Marines wearing their dress blues were conducting the annual toy drive in the breezeway of the Best Buy when they heard the commotion and saw the suspect flee through the store entrance, Carrier said.

Duggan tackled the suspect and other Marines also moved to stop the suspect, who stabbed Duggan once in the middle of his back, close to his spine, Carrier said.

"They jumped on top of him, and they pulled him down," said "Toys for Tots" volunteer Larry Frelin.

Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

Paratrooper's List of What He's Thankful For

Reader Mark G. sent me this post about Thanksgiving from Life in the Infantry: What am I thank for?  Quite a bit...

There's associated photos with each item like this one:

EOD guys who would gladly dig a tiny hole in the side of a road and dig until they found the explosives buried underneath. I am slightly claustrophobic, and laying in a hole with explosives near my head would scare the crap out of me. The Air Force EOD teams with us would go out on almost every mission, and they never complained. I know that myself and my entire company is thankful they were deployed with us.

Go check out the whole post.  Great blog!

Rene-GADE - Someone You Should Know Follow Up 2010

Here are links to our previous stories on Major Dan Gade - first (2005), second, third and fourth (2009).

One of the benefits of following these stories is becoming friends with these Warriors - Dan Gade is one of those stories. Dan was the first full leg amputee of the war. The infamous bacteria from Iraq tried it's best to kill him. Your prayers and thoughts strengthened him, but his incredible family and his own strength of character also had a lot to do with his success. His victories are incredible.

Later, Dan and Wendy Gade had twins and then, last year, Dan completed his first triathlon since being wounded in 2005. Before Iraq, Dan was a triathlete. This is what I wrote:

As a friend of Dan's, I can't say that I'm surprised.  Proud of him, damn proud, but not surprised.

[Forget the triathlon, Twins would kick my @$$]

Here is a photo of Dan in this year's Arizona Ironman triathlon during the ride portion.


Dan was running the race for Operation Rebound which has helped many soldiers, including Dan.  Operation Rebound, a part of Challenged Athletes Foundation, helps service men and women injured in training or combat pursue an active lifestyle through physical fitness and athletics. CAF’s mission is clear: give those with the desire to live active, competitive lifestyles every opportunity to compete in the sports they love.

You can go here to support Dan and Operation Rebound (even if it is after the race - which is my fault for posting this late).

So how did Dan do in the race? 

Pretty damn good.  At mile 50 on the bike (pictured above) and going uphill, he passed a triathlete who muttered under his breath, "Oh my God, I suck".

Here is video of Dan at the finish line after 12 hours and 50 minutes of a grueling race:

Just thought you ought to see what your prayers and support can do for an American Soldier...