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On High, Call For Fire (Historical and Hysterical)

The wonderful Damon Shackelford has up a great DBS strip (part of a short series) that riffs (tweets?) off social media and who all uses it -- and for what.  It's not a new phenomena, however. 

Years ago, the late author James Blish did a series of anthologies pertaining to Star Trek, which resulted in him getting a very interesting letter.  The letter, which checked out at the time, was from a soldier who had served/was serving in Vietnam. 

At the time, Star Trek was on the air (though not the ratings hit it would become) and apparently had been broadcast or otherwise shown to the troops.  Turns out, the show had a wider following than just the troops, as the soldier recounted.  The unit was under fire, and things were getting nasty.  Knowing that the enemy monitored radios, the commander -- either as a joke or as an improvised code -- began issuing orders as if they were on the show.  This included a call to the "Starship Enterprise" for supporting fire (I think phaser and prep photon torpedo, but it was a long time ago).  If memory serves, both over the radio and via ear came the sound of frantic voices (screaming and equivalent of "Oh S**t!  Run Away!!), and the enemy fled.  The unit under fire sort of collapesed -- in laughter. 

I have always loved the story, and its a good one for any basic psyop class.  If any of you out there were part of this and/or can confirm, I would love to hear from you.  Mr. Blish kept parts of the story close (protecting privacy), but what he did share was a delight.  I would love to get the full story.

Meantime, the enemy does monitor and it never hurts (and can sometimes help) to keep that in mind. 

Great job on the arc Damon!