Pentagon's precious 'diversity' now affecting the SEALs
Happy Birthday, Marines

No charges over destroying CIA Waterboarding tapes

WASHINGTON — A federal prosecutor will not bring criminal charges against any of the Central Intelligence Agency officers involved in destroying videotapes depicting the brutal interrogation of Al Qaeda detainees, the Justice Department said on Tuesday.

This will doubtless cause tremendous wailing and gnashing of teeth on the moral highlands of the left, but it is a good thing they are gone. If they had come to light, it would have been a nightmare of Abu Ghraib-like proportions. Now don't get me wrong I am way pro-waterboarding, just very anti waterboarding videos on YouTube.

Cue gnashing from the ACLU

“It strains credulity that the conscious destruction of tapes depicting torture would not be a crime,” Mr. Romero said.

Ah Ha, I've got you there Mr. Smarty Pants. There were no tapes of torture since waterboarding is legal and fun and healthy. I actually run a waterboarding class down at the local YMCA, all the kids think it's the coolest.