Giving Thanks
"Center, this is Aspen 20, request Ground Speed Check"

NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony

Yet one more thing for which to be thankful today:  Only in America could we go from incorporating a new charity to ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ in roughly six months. 




Below the fold, the text of the speech I gave

Good Morning!

Cooking with the Troops is a new, small charity with a rich history of success.  It is the combination of two efforts, so that we can also provide career transition, homefront support, and frontline support to U.S. and Allied troops, families, and caregivers.

We are proud to stand with other small charities, such as Pin-Ups for Vets, our partner on Operation Fight Post Holiday Blues; with Standing for the Fallen, started by Mark Dolfini to raise money and supplies for Soldiers’ Angels Germany; with small companies such as Baen Books who have donated thousands of books to our troops with little fanfare; and, with projects such as Soldiers’ Angels Valour-IT

Working together, we accomplish much.

If everyone hearing this today donates $5, we would most likely have Operation Fight Post Holiday Blues fully funded, have money to do our barbecues for the wounded next year, and possibly even more.  But I hope you will do something much more important.  With your donations, we can do good things.  With your investment and partnership, we can do great things. 

We can create the entrepreneurial bootcamps and mentoring programs that will help start the new successful small businesses essential for continued economic growth, as well as help people start new careers. 

With it, we can create the programs that will teach new generations the joy of cooking and how to do good food fast, and help tight family budgets do more. 

Working together, we can leverage what is done to create success on many levels beyond the immediate and obvious good. 

Yes, we do want and urgently need your donations, but we want and need your partnership and investment even more.  With that, we can provide comfort to many; nutrition of body, spirit, and economy; and, hope for a brighter future for all. 

Thank you.