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Congress to Raise their own pay but not Military pay in a time of War?!

Hoping for the Best

Wretchard the Cat, founder of the Belmont Club, is one of the wisest who writes to the blogs.  Today he writes:

Now the Republic’s enemies must be asking themselves: where is the bottom to these people’s incompetence? Can they do anything at all? How safe is it to rush ahead? Why don’t we try?

And if they do, what tools will President Obama have left? Diplomacy? Economic incentives or sanctions? Moral authority? Maybe the military. Yes that’s it. But his competence at war is predicted by his incompetence in peace. One would hope he’d have the sense to stay away from truly dangerous tools and that probably means he doesn’t know better.

It's all right, Wretchard.  If he turns to war, he turns to us.  We are the truly dangerous tools, as swords are dangerous tools.  When the time comes, we'll be there to save what needs saving.

We are what we ought to put faith in during dangerous times; therefore, there is nothing to fear.  There is only duty, and the oaths we have sworn.  When this is all over, we'll have lived -- or died -- as men ought to do.  

May God defend the right.  Perhaps the right is North Korea, where tyranny lives and all else starves; perhaps it is the madness of Iran's leadership, and not the wise children who want freedom and an honest chance to think for themselves.  

Perhaps:  but, if it comes to that, let's run the chance.