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Help Honor Major Dick Winters

Easy Company's Wild Bill Guarnere and Edward "Babe" Hefron joined up with film maker Tim Gray and Baseball great Curt Schilling and are trying to raise enough money to build a statue of their commanding officer, Major Dick Winters, at Utah Beach in Normandy. It was there that E Company, under Winters’ leadership (as a Lieutenant), parachuted behind German lines and captured four big German guns above the beach, saving many lives.  That short brutal fight was taught as a classic infantry engagement at West Point and in ROTC classrooms (and in my own ROTC class in 1988).


Lots of media coverage on this:

Former Major League baseball star and 3-time World Series winning pitcher Curt Schilling is interviewed on ESPN about his role as national spokesperson for the Winters project.

If you'd like to help contribute to build a statue to honor Major Dick Winters, you can go here to Curt Schilling's Dick Winters Leadership site.