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I took a few hours today to spend with Currahee mountain, made famous by the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  They took its name as their motto:  originally, it is Cherokee for "Stands Alone."  The mountain does in fact stand alone, being a sort of rear guard for the Appalachians.  

Currahee! and Thanksgiving 023

Here below is a video of the view from the top.

Download Currahee

The original 506th PIR is in no danger of being forgotten, because of a famous mini-series about their Easy Company.  Let's remember their currently serving brethren as well.  The 506th Infantry Regiment today is part of 4BCT, 101st Airborne Division, and currently serving in Paktika province, Afghanistan.  This is their second trip to Afghanistan.  They also saw service in Iraq, in 2005-6.

UPDATE:  You'll notice an odd fact about the memorial sign:  the unit heraldry is reversed as in a mirror image.  I'll bet some folks were hot about that.

UPDATE:   Durka-Durka points out that the unit heraldry is actually correct for the original unit; it's just that the DUI was redesigned to reverse it at some point.  Anyone know the story?  Here is the current unit heraldry, which many of us have seen around Iraq or Afghanistan.