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Atlas Shrugged

I found the following at both Sondra K and at Roger (Curmudgeonly & Skeptical) this morning, and wanted to share. 

I had chosen, freely, to place my life between those that would do harm to the U.S. and those whom I would protect: her citizens. I had always believed in the best of America and the people of her lands; that despite occasional missteps there was a general “rightness” to our way. I lived that belief for 22 years, leading and following warriors into combat. I’m certainly no war hero; my brothers in arms have seen far more combat, more intense and personal than I. But I have become acquainted with death in a way that I hope you never do. My last tour, on the ground in Iraq was where my heart started to be hardened towards you, the electorate, and culminated in this letter, written two days before our elections. And here’s why.


I took that oath seriously. But you have responsibilities, too. You should take them seriously.

You need to go read the whole thing.  When people complain about our covering politics here, they often claim this is a military site and should be above politics.  Politics, and the words therein, have consequences.  This is one, and is one of the worst for the military.  This is why we do cover politics, and have harsh words and point out the abject failures of leadership of those in (and sometimes out) of power. Those words are not just business as usual and support the party above all, they cost us good people and they embolden our enemies.  That can not and must not be tolerated.