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Soldiers' Angels Operation Patriot Care Package

Angel flight home

Matt brought us the news that Gen. Kelly's son Robert had been killed in action.Well at the very least he had a quality escort home. From the Tanker Babe's good friend Susanne.

The answer to this became shockingly apparent when a very sweet Senior Airman came to me and said that something had changed, but not to worry; because we were still on the flight.... which had changed to an Angel Flight! You see, their original aircraft had mechanical failures, and the Angels were transferred to our plane.  The families could no longer travel on this flight, which explains their disappearance. And, because of our Red Cross status, would we please escort the 4 caskets on board? You see ... no Angel should ever fly home alone.  If one of us chose not to do this, then none of us would, I vowed. We were a team, and had just made it through a very difficult deployment; what one felt, we all felt. We were exhausted, sleep-deprived, cold, hungry and weary, but each of us found a hidden reserve of strength ... stood tall, proud, humbled, and honored to say emphatically "yes".

Thanks to all of you and Godspeed to the fallen and their families.