Brit Lieutenant Ian Fortune - S.Y.S.K. Follow Up

Your Help Needed

This year's Blog World is over, and while final numbers are still being tallied, it was quite a success. Not only did the conference itself grow, we had some of the best attendance ever at the milblog track.

Part of this were the panel topics, and a good bit lies with the panelists. We were fortunate to have Cassandra, Mrs. P., JD Johannes, Toby Nunn, and others take part from within our community. We were also extremely fortunate to have people from outside our community take part as well: actor and director Jake Rademacher; Michael Brito, VP for Edelman Digital; and, author Tom Kratman. Having a special surprise appearance by Survivor producer (and former British para/Falklands War vet) Mark Burnett didn't hurt anything either.

There being no rest for the wicked, work has already started on next year. This is our chance to have people of note from outside our community talk to us and take part on panels. It is our chance to get people from outside our community attend our panels and increase our potential audience and reach. While we have already gotten some good feedback and suggestions, we need to hear from you:

• What panels of interest to both military and other communities would you care to see?

• What speakers would you like to see on them?

• What speakers from industry, firms, and other communities would you like to see on our panels?

Drop a line to bwemil AT cwtt makedotacharacter org and let us know. With your help, we can make next year even better.