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VFW takedown in the Washington Times

I spoke with the Washington Times yesterday about the VFW PAC debacle. They had taken note of our own Wolf's excellent work holding the national leadership's feet to the fire and getting them to act. The Wash Times wanted a couple of quotes for their piece but since they are an actual newspaper, they didn't want to quote Mr. Wolf, so I stole his thunder. I admit this freely and ask his forgiveness lest I end up in an orange jumpsuit en route to Allah knows where. Anyway here is the TWT piece and congrats to the Wolf and everyone else who was involved with this most excellent deployment of the pitchfork brigade.

The names Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer don't immediately convey the message "Support our troops." Yet somehow these leftist Democrats and other questionable characters made it onto the Veterans of Foreign Wars Political Action Committee's (VFW-PAC) 2010 list of election endorsements. In response to the scandal, VFW national Commander Richard L. Eubank sacked the entire PAC board.

Heh. I love any US story that uses the word sacked. It is so much rougher than fired.