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The Wolf for Congress

Yesterday morning I was rousted from my rack at the ungodly hour of by none other than Concrete Bob. He was all agitated about some grass roots political campaign. Now I don't get too wound up about most of these things, but he took me for a ride out to the Virginia countryside and I was honestly amazed by what we saw. Apparently the reputation of our very own Wolf has led to a campaign to draft him into the US Congress. Bob found rabid Wolf supporter X-Ero Ponsdorf to make an endorsement.


Right wing extremist and founding member of the Angry Mob, Jonn Lilyea says "Give me Wolf or give me death. Well really I'll just take another one of those Belgian ales."


The Capitol One Vikings, who were even wearing wolf, are 100% pro-Wolf for Congress and have promised some looting and pillaging in support of the campaign.


Even Gay Leprechauns in Lederhosen love that Wolf. So get on board the Wolf Wagon, we're taking this to Washington.