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A Horror Never Forgotten

The United Nations & Rape

If you tried to decide what the main function of the UN was, you would have a tough choice between corruption and rape. If you follow the exploits of the world's conscience, then you see a path polluted by bloated plutocrats thieving blatantly v. the global rape of women, children, men and farm animals everywhere the UN sets up shop.

I don't have the accounting chops to suss out just how amazing the corruption is, but I think it is fair to say that the Oil for Food scandal was one of the most egregious examples of outright hijacking of a humanitarian effort in the history of Earth. That said, I think when the global solons of the UN face final judgment they will burn more brightly for the grotesquely pathological rape that shockingly pops up wherever they put up camp. Now they are doing double duty reporting on mass rapes.

United Nations (CNN) -- Thirty Congolese women on the border of Angola and Congo were held in a dungeonlike prison and systematically raped by uniformed men, according to U.N. officials.

The first question a simple man like me might ask is "Were the uniformed men wearing blue helmets or berets?". Because a sure sign that the overall sex abuse in your area is going to skyrocket is the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces or civilian officials. How dare I make these outrageous claims you ask? Well it is hardly a secret.

Haiti, Congo, Liberia, Ivory Coast & Sudan, Hell pretty much everywhere they have deployed & then they go ahead and give the predatory bastards they have released on legions of innocents a free pass.

None of this shocks me much at all because I have heard these stories first hand. On multiple occasions I have had the displeasure of working in close proximity to the UN, both civilians and the soldiers they rent. That is worth noting since a large part of the problem is the UN has no military and so leases hired guns from many of the least civilized nations on Earth. They hand them blue helmets and a license to rape and pillage. Not that the civilians are any better and many of them are from the enlightened salons of Europe where they plot to make up for their colonial misdeeds by raping, both literally and figuratively, the countries they once owned. There was even one poor soul who made the mistake of recounting his exploits molesting children all over the world to me and my friends as we were decompressing from a hellish relief mission. He somehow thought that bragging to a Special Forces team that he knew where the best underage girls and boys were was a way to impress us. It did impress us, quite negatively, and we impressed upon him our disgust, quite painfully.

 I really wish there was a multi-national organization dedicated to promoting peace, disaster relief, nation building and the milk of human kindness. The UN sure as Hell ain't it.