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The Commandant

Seamus sends the text of the speech of GEN Amos, the new Commandant of the USMC. I've met General Conway and his amazing wife, Annette, a few times. Their leadership during war has been nothing short of miraculous.
Marines, Sailors, Civilian Marines and Families, As your Commandant, I want to say, first and foremost, thank you… for your willingness to serve our Nation at a critical time in its history ...for what I know have been your many sacrifices … for your continued courage in the face of great danger … and finally, thank you for your fidelity to each other, to our mission … and to our Corps.

We exist today because Congress and the American people want us to exist, but — we are able to exist today — because of YOU and your faithfulness! Our performance since September 11, 2001 — at home and abroad, in garrison and in combat — has earned us the right to stand proudly in the long and illustrious line of Marines who have gone before. In Al Anbar Province, we defeated a determined insurgency,proving to the world that Al Qaeda’s violent extremism could be beaten, while contributingto a brighter future for the Iraqi people. We rapidly re-deployed to Afghanistan, where we fight our Nation’s battles today in another tough neighborhood … the Helmand Province.

All the while, we continued our role as America’s Expeditionary Force in Readiness, responding to crises around the world. In the past year alone, we have responded to two major natural disasters half a world apart. On board seven amphibious ships, 5,000 Marines deployed immediately to Haiti to provide critical, initial relief and life-sustaining help following a devastating earthquake, and we have been providing similar assistance to flood-ravaged Pakistan. We’ve served during a time of great challenge … and we’ve been equal to every task. Throughout this remarkable period in our history, General Conway and his wife, Annette, have led our Corps with wisdom, strength and grace. Their many initiatives will serve us well as our Corps continues its march into uncertain times. I am grateful for their leadership and, on behalf of the Marine Corps family … Bonnie and I wish them Godspeed. While we remain focused on combat operations in Afghanistan, leaders at all levels must consider the likely challenges of the next two decades and how the Corps will meet them. The future will be different from the world we knew prior to the attacks on 9-11.Through innovation and a willingness to adapt, we will remain the ready and relevant forcethat America relies on in times of crisis! The pages that follow provide my guidance and priorities for the Marine Corps. In them I speak of who we are, where we will operate, what we will do, AND WHERE we are headed.

Each of you — from Private to General, Civilian Marines, Families and those who support our Corps — will contribute to our success. Whether fighting at sea or ashore, Marines have been guided by honor, courage and commitment. These core values have been the compass for every Marine’s servicethroughout our rich history.

Superior leadership, hard training, and a willingness to sacrificehave forged our Corps into one of the most capable fighting forces the world has ever known. Our Marine Corps has remained true to these values for 235 years … and so it will during my service as your Commandant.

Semper Fidelis
General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commandant of the Marine Corps