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Soldier's funeral procession told to pay tolls in OK

The Tanker Babe is in high dudgeon and rightfully so. Somebody in Oklahoma is screwing the pooch and they better square themselves away.

PFC Cody Board died 4 October 2010 from wounds sustained by an IED.  PFC Board grew up in McKinney, TX but was originally from Oklahoma.  His family plans to lay him to rest in his native Oklahoma at Fort Sill National Cemetary.

I am DEEPLY disturbed by this article from USFallen dot org that states the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has denied the funeral procession free access to take PFC Board's body home for his interment.  DEEPLY disturbed. The following is posted in an article on their site: "Considering this young warrior has paid the ultimate price you would think his funeral procession would be allowed access free of charge.  To our shock and horror, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, after repeated requests for an exception, has informed the family they must pay the toll fees."

When I read the article I figured it just could not be true so I called the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority this morning.  Everyone I spoke with was nice.  HOWEVER, the story is true and that, quite honestly, makes me about as angry as I've been in a long time.