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Lucy tees ball up for Charlie Brown...again

Another round of the farce that is negotiating with the Iranians about their nuke program is about to crank up. I feel safer already.

BRUSSELS — Iran  said Friday that it is ready to resume talks with the West about its nuclear program in November, officials at the European Union said here on Friday.

I hope that this could be a change in the Iranian position that we can believe in. We could be the ones they have been waiting for. Yeah right! Here is my favorite bit and I think the perfect encapsulation of the whole process.

Mr. Jalili, the letter said, was willing to “resume the talks based on his letter of 6 July.” In that letter, the Iranian negotiator said that talks should aim to engage and cooperate, that they should be committed to the rationale of dialogue, and that Ms. Ashton should state her “position on the nuclear weapons of the Zionist Regime” — a reference to Israel, which does not confirm or deny that it has nuclear weapons.

Darren Ennis, Ms. Ashton’s spokesman, said, “The issue of Iran’s nuclear program must be the core part in the negotiations, but Ms. Ashton doesn’t rule anything else out.”

So the Iranians will come to the table and then will deflect this running joke into another two minutes hate about the JOOOOOOOS! Well that will certainly be helpful.