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Karzai and Obama looking at exit strategy for A-Stan

They are not working all that well together on this, but both Obama and Karzai are pretty sure this is our last year of major kinetic operations in Afghanistan.

Taliban representatives and the government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai have begun secret, high-level talks over a negotiated end to the war, according to Afghan and Arab sources.

I have been reporting this for more than a year now, so it's not shocking that the MSM has finally clued in. You can't really blame Karzai he has to be ready for some sort of "live and let live" arrangement with them that will almost certainly have them in parliament and probably with some cabinet level posts as well. Does this suck Hoover? Well of course it does, but I think it is a near inevitability.

Candidate Obama was a full-throated, war-mongering hawk when it came to Afghanistan. He was gonna head there himelf with a ninja sword and lop bin Laden's head off....oh wait. Well you know what I mean, he was talking inordinate amounts of smack about Afghanistan to give himself some cover for his position as a first tenor in the cut and run chorus regarding Iraq. I assumed at the time that he was completely full of shite and, I know this is a shocker, it's true. Bob Woodward's recent book "Obama's wars" details how the first thing he tasked his military leaders with regarding Afghanistan was a way to cut and run. Not a plan to take the fight to the Taliban and rout them and al Qaeda as the candidate had lied, but a "Get me the hell out of here because my base is gonna kill me on this and I never meant it anyway" plan.

Obama tried to force them to give him a plan that was a phased withdrawal of some sort and they kept giving him what the candidate had asked for, plans to try and win. This frustrated Barry and there were credible reports of him lying on the old Bush sunburst rug in the Oval Office kicking his feet and throwing tantrums. This was actually the main reason he replaced the rug for his ahistorical, wrongly-attributed quote masterpiece. So Obama dithered and whinged and took forever to make a decision about Afghanistan.

When he had finally had enough spine grafting done to make a call, he went to West Point hoping that a room full of volunteers revved up to go make dead tangos would give him some cover.Then right after he announced that he was reinforcing Afghanistan, he got to the sponsored segment of his speech and announced that he was also beginning an orderly process of cutting and running barely a year and a half later. Well Holy Hypocrisy Batman. why would you simultaneously attack while announcing a retreat? Well that is unless you are a complete political tool who makes all his decisions based on how it will help you accumualte power and push forth the Obaman aganda.

Woodward has another damning quote from our Politician in Chief.

“I have to say that,” Obama said. “I can’t let this be a war without end, and I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.”

No you didn't you gutless disgrace, that statement right there shows how unfit you are to ever have served as Commander in Chief. I warned him (video below) right after inauguration not to use our troops to fulfill a BS campaign process and lo and behold he sure did. Shame on you, sir!