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Introducing The Snubbed By Instapundit Label

It is the dream of many, and the nightmare for hosts -- an Instalanche.  To be noticed by the great and mighty Insty.  To have him sit down his puppy shake or hobo sandwhich, and link to something you wrote.  The glory of glories, to get a "Heh(tm)". 

What determines when his blenderness does this?  No one knows.  The theories abound:  dartboards, dice, drawing from a hat, hobo entrails, and even worse things.  Even when he does link to something, he sometimes picks part rather than the whole. 

Earlier today, possibly in response to releases, messages, bribes, or other, he decided to link to Gina Elise.  He totally ignored Cooking with the Troops and Operation FPH Blues.  Even though Operation FPH Blues originated with Gina.  This got a few of us to thinking.  Given the randomness of links, and all that he chooses to ignore, or even snub, well, there's a market there.  A vast untapped market of those ignored by his exaltedness.  From hanging around with MBA-types, we thought of tapping that market, and decided on trying out the "Snubbed By Instapundit" label.  WIth luck, it will catch on, and we can put it on merchandise, license the use and labelling of blogs, and more.  Who knows, it might make a great fundraising tool for Operation FPH Blues.  So, here's the initial exploration:




Provided he doesn't send the hit squad after us er, challenge us on trademark and copyright issues, this may soon be on a variety of merchandise, the proceeds of which will go to charity (CwtT and Pin-Ups for Vets).  Heck, if he gets into this and gives us a good copy of his logo, we can spruce it up a bit. 

So, think there's a market for this?


who really hopes his blenderness has a sense of humor...