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At the NY Post, Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) has a column about ROTC on campus.  Here's a taste:

...Although Harvard expelled ROTC over the Vietnam War four decades ago (after antiwar students burned down the ROTC center), it now gives as a reason for not reinstating the program the military's adherence to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- though that program was instituted under President Bill Clinton, who has not been similarly barred from the Harvard campus.

Nor has Harvard Law alumnus Barack Obama, who has maintained the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," policy -- and who has urged Harvard to end the ROTC ban.

President Obama's other alma mater, Columbia University, booted ROTC from its campus in 1969 and also hasn't reinstated it. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who tortures and imprisons bloggers and other critics, is welcome at Columbia but not a program to train officers for the US military....

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Here's what I said about ROTC at Columbia back in 2007:

The fact that the funder and trainer of Hezbollah murderers, and puppet master of Syrian terror in Lebanon, gets to speak at one of our hallowed institutions is unthinkable. They are legitimizing a terrorist master and killer of American soldiers during war time. They are without shame or, it appears, honor.

The bottom-line:

    Columbia University shut out ROTC which trains American citizen volunteers to defend this country and their very institution, and then allows the Tehran terrorist responsible for killing Americans in Iraq and who has stated that he wants to destroy America to "talk" on campus.


Yes, it's personal - those are my brothers and sisters that he's actually killing in Iraq and my wife and kids that he wants to destroy here. If President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had his way, Columbia University would be the first large Islamic school (Madh'hab or Madrassa) in America. They understand that.

It seems that Columbia University is the Neville Chamberlain of the Ivy League.

The hypocrisy of the Ivy League is profound. The ulitimate irony of all of this is a school that, veiled in the spirit of the First Amendment, invites a murderer, a terrorist and a madman to lecture at a university that also denies ROTC which produces the soldiers that take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

Cassandra of Villainous Company guest posted here on the subject too (2005), and, as always, is a very good read.