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Controversial "Medal of Honor" video game reviewed by Off Duty Gamers

Our friends at Off Duty Gamers reviewed the single player version of Electronic Arts "Medal of Honor".  I'm a fan of the series, but don't play the modern era games (stick to WWII).  This version has been controversial for the ability to play as a Taliban in multi-player mode and kill GIs.  That part has changed - now you can kill GIs anonymously instead of as a Talib.  That's not supposed to be a joke, and it is typical (playing as a Russian or a German, etc) of combat games where you can have dozens of players fighting it out on various maps.

Here's what the good folks at ODG had to say:

...From the military gamer perspective I say you’re going to like Medal of Honor and you’re going to appreciate what went into the details to remain faithful to those who serve. There’s going to be a lot of other opinions out there, some tinged with political ideology, preconceived notions of what the real military is like or flat out wrong assumptions based on Hollywood or other games. The ultimate review is the one you give but remember, some of what Medal of Honor excels at isn’t about the ‘game’ any more than the actual ‘Medal of Honor’ is about an ‘award’...

And as for the realism of the game:

...EA even went to the level where if you’re standing next to the guy on coms talking you not only hear the transmission (in your virtual ear) but his voice as well...

It's a great review by a team that knows what it's like to be in the military, they're just off duty when they play the games.