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One of our readers, Josh Grabow, in the comments to this post, has a response to a particularly stupid comment from a particularly stupid commenter -- a comment which claims soldiers (or men?) who support the end of DADT are something less than men:

**** thats the sort of insanity that pushes a very conservative block of people (the military) away from your positions. Fred Phelps and his loony toons were enough to make a lot of guys who grew up in an earlier time look harshly at homophobia, and your style of shrillness may do the same here. Now, I grew up pretty hardcore religious, so I understand your positions, if I don't agree. But the level of investment (caps are the tipoff) you throw into this on a blog is pretty noteworthy. It's a joke. We're soldiers, we joke about a lot of inappropriate things. This isn't even inappropriate. So settle the hell down, have a giggle, and quit worrying about the downfall of western society. I guarantee you one thing. When it all implodes, as all things must, the military will be the last to founder. I guarantee one more thing, DADT (or the lack thereof) won't change anything. You're angry about nothing.

There's plenty of room for disagreement about whether or not DADT should have been shut down, or specifically should have been shut down in court.  But the next time you feel like expounding your [email protected]#t crazy religious or social views without having the slightest bit of domain experience (you've never served in the military) then think twice, breathe a little bit, and ask yourself if what you have to say supports or detracts from the tenets of this (Matt Burden's) blog:

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