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AQAP- al Qaeda's inbred, incompetent idiots

The threat of a terrorist attack on the United States is real and severe but we have been blessed lately that the attempts have been so stunningly lame. First we had the panty bomber, then the Times Square bozo and now we have another cunning plan that failed from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAP. That's three strikes and you are out jackwagons.

An initial examination of the two suspicious packages examined abroad indicate they contain explosive material, U.S. President Obama said Friday.

If we can be thankful for one thing it's that these goat-raping morons can't even seem to build a bomb that will blow up. FFS, I've been doing that since 7th grade when we launched a pile of tires at the playground skyward. The fact that these losers have this much trouble with the task would be reassuring if I didn't think that eventually they will figure out they are a soup sandwich paddling around in their chicken wire canoe looking for the screen door to their submarine so they can get out and walk in wearing bowling cleats and swinging a football bat. I'm trying to say they suck hoover and we can only hope they stay true to form.

Our own Mr. Wolf has been kicking around a number of theories and ideas about just what this actually was.

''I'm saying something different here. That this is all too 'neat' and too close to the elections to be just an AQ/AQAP attempt or even a dry run. I'm calling BS on a dry-run attempt, as they would not ruin their ops locations on such a plan- they would not waste the resources or likelihood of getting caught for something with no payoff. This, in my estimation, was one of 3 things-
1. An attempt by someone inside the administration or sympathetic to it in order to make PBO look 'presidential'
2. An attempt by AQ to influence the elections a la Spain (from back in 2004- the train attacks)
3. A sympathy ploy by AQ or AQ sympathizers to prop up the admin as they PREFER a weak PBO to a stronger Congress.
This entire event unfolded too neatly- like some TV episode or something. This played out too easily and was traced right back to its origins immediately- teens would know that packages shipped by such carriers as UPS would be able to find the sender's location. That's nuts. Plus, if it were a dry-run, why would they use 'simulated' explosives? If they were looking at timing, ship Quarans or CD's or something of a similar size/weight. That would get your timing ok'd. I think if that were the case, and they were using online tracking programs, anything that LOOKED like a boom-boom would not have been used. My background includes things such as watching for such attaks and attempts; this is not following the usual playbook at all. My sources are telling me something similar as well.