Tony Curtis, 1925-2010

A Challenge: We Want You To Lose

That's right, we want you to lose.  But, in losing, you win. 

A few weeks ago, Susan Katz Keating hit me with an idea.  Cooking with the Troops is about nutrition, health, and fitness at its core, and our personal cores were not exactly in the best shape. So, she proposed a fitness challenge, and I think it a great idea.  We want you to lose some of the things that are bad for you (habits, flab, lack of energy, high blood pressure, and more), and get in good shape from a cardio and fitness perspective.  Note that this is NOT a weightloss challenge, but a fitness challenge.  Between us, we are arranging some guest posts from experts to augment those we do, and working on what may be some other surprises. 

So, anyone up for joining us?