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Will the Real Colbert Please Stand Up?

Okay, I've got a soft spot for anyone who would call Gen. Odierno "Shrek" to his face, and get his head shaved by said general. I also know that he has helped out troop support charities, such as ReMind.  In fact, he's been a good supporter of the troops and the wounded. 

This, however, is not funny.  At All. 

Sir, if this is you, fail.  Big time.  As in truly despicable, and undermining of all the good you've ever done.

If it is not you, but a writer working for/with you, you need to acknowledge, sack them, and apologize for them. 

Either way, step and and man up for the tastless, humorless, and needless slap at the troops, especially those who have given their lives for your right to show your ass (and it isn't pretty at all).