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Western Culture, a return

Sean Linnane, a 1st Group alum I know, is doing some work in what tends to be Grim's bailiwick Western Culture, what remains of it. In this case he has some ideas about what it is really made of.

We must teach our unique Western Culture to our children, or we are doomed to lose it. We must defend our Western Culture by celebrating it, proudly proclaiming it for what it is: the greatest creation of Human Civilization, born in Ancient Greece and Israel, fought for at Marathon and Thermapylae, from whence sprung Democracy, Rule of Law, and Freedom of Thought.

The focus is on our shared Judeo-Christian heritage, and the principles ensconced in the Old and New Testaments, Aristotle's Theory of Happiness, Plato's Republic, the legacy of Cicero, Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution; and that the freedom of the individual citizen versus an oppressive government is the first value adopted and never abandoned.

Freedom of the individual from tyranny is the theme of the Bill of Rights; the first ten amendments to the Constitution, of course. And of those ten amendments, the one which guarantees all of the others is the Second Amendment.

A serious re-evaluation of the pronciples that define our culture and our lives seems to be underway. The Hope & Change has workedto awake the sleeping giant that is middle America. We all figgered our rights were covered and our government didn't get to run our lives. Well every once in a while you gotta kick government in the nads and remind it that we run things not them. Seems to be breaking out all over. Good!