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The ever-helpful Iranians

I never understood why George W. Bush didn't kick the shite out of some Iranian Revolutionary Guards when we had proof positive they were funding and supplying both sides of the civil war/insurgency in Iraq and were operating directly to kidnap and kill US troops. At a minimum we should have sent some drones to visit  their nearest camp with some well-deserved hellfire. But we did nothing and they interpreted that, rightfully, as weakness. They have shown us nothing but contempt and a complete lack of fear about any real consequences for their actions.

They have killed or helped to kill hundreds of our troops in Iraq and they are up to their asses in helping enemy forces against us and the Afghan government. They do plenty of training of indigenous insurgent, help ship in jihadis from elsewhere, send their proxies like Hezbollah, and run a large string of Revolutionary Guard agents to ensure the mayhem level stays as high as they can make it.

They are not even subtle about it. Listen to this spouting off.

Just like the Afghan nation expelled England and the Soviet Union from Afghanistan, so too will it also expel the occupiers. The Muslim nation of Afghanistan has learned the lesson of resistance from Iranian fighters. . . . Iran is the greatest power in the region and the Americans can’t ignore this power in regional affairs. They must recognize this power and deal with it. . . . The enemies have no other choice but to capitulate in the face of the political regime and demands of the Iranian nation.

You don't say there buddy. Obama was just composing another letter to the Mullahs saying how he is really looking forward to as successful a reset with them as with the Putinocracy in Russia. Sounds like Iran is laying the groundwork for a post-American era, is that a countdown clock?

It is easy to paint Iran as a comic villain, incapable of living up to their whack job rhetoric. Heck Ah-mah-nuttah-job is perfect as the 12th Imam's Yosemite Sam. Gotta get me some of them dad-blasted, frick-a-frackin, JOOOOOOS! I mean he couldn't really mean it, that's crazy talk.

But you have to look at the fact that there are Iranian prints on pretty much every bit of state-sponsored badness going on in the greater Middle East. Syria, Lebanon, Gaza- they feed, water and mostly arm Hezbollah and Hamas and their own Revolutionary Guards are actually proliferating their naughtiness w/ Hugo Chavez and others in South America. These guys may be nuttahs, but they have been holding their own (or better) against us since invading US sovereign land 30+ years ago.

Can we take these guys at their word? If so then it is long past time for some scunion to rain down on these bastards.