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Stuxnet's effects on Iranian nuclear program

Since we are fighting Iran in both Iraq and Afghanistan, it's nice every once in a while to see some progress. The Stuxnet worm is currently hammering Iran's industrial computers such as those found in their nuclear plants, and while the Iranian Revolutionary Geek Squad is trying to get a handle on the worm, more versions appear. But the secondary effects of Stuxnet may be more damaging than the infection itself (from The US Report):

“Since Iran's nuclear program in all probability would be a 'closed' system – without internet access – an individual would have had to carry a thumb drive into the facility and insert that into the system,” said Fred Burton, Stratfor's Vice President of Intelliegence in a video report available to members of Stratfor, a global intelligence company.

Burton says that the resulting investigation could have a more profound effect on the nuclear program than the infection itself, planting a “seed of paranoia among the managers and bosses, and everybody in the workplace becomes scrutinized as a potential leak.”

Burton also surmised that if this were in fact a covert action by a nation-state, evidence could be planted implicating key scientists or engineers.

And in case you missed it, Venezuela's state-run Conviasa Airlines has shut down its flights between Caracas, Syria, and Iran. From Fox News:

Intelligence analysts with both the CIA and Israel said that, despite the listing of the flight as a regular commercial route and a code share with Iran air -- Flight IR744 is also Flight VO3744 -- there was no way that anyone could buy a ticket and travel without being vetted by the Venezuelan or Iranian government.  And without passport controls, flight manifests and other documents, it meant some of the world's most dangerous men could travel without fear of being uncovered.

Iran has been shuttling agents to the Americas through Venezuela for some time, and intelligence suggests that Venezuela may have ben shipping uranium to Iran on these flights.