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Spirit of America helping the war effort in A-Stan

Yeah so what else is new, I know. But since they shifted fire from Iraq to Afghanistan they are helping us tilt the playing field.

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"Bottom line, Spirit of America's support is helping keep (and make) Garmsir District safe for US Marines … and most of all the people of Afghanistan."

-- A Marine Officer in Afghanistan re: radios donated by Spirit of America

We all know that communications technology has had a huge impact here in the US. It turns out that it also has a huge impact in rural Afghanistan. To help our troops improve conditions and make progress, Spirit of America has provided two different kinds of radios....

Two-Way Radios for Afghan Soldiers and Police
When we learned that Afghan security forces were having difficulties communicating in rural areas of Helmand Province, Spirit of America provided two-way radios.

Here's an email from a Marine in charge of mentoring the Afghan Border Police in the Garmsir. It's a long email but provides great insight into the real-world impact of your support.

-- Begin email -- "The Afghan Border Police (ABP) are arguably the least trained, most under resourced national security force in Afghanistan. Yet here in Garmsir District, Helmand Province, two companies, roughly 160 soldiers, independently man 5 security checkpoints - 3 of them in an area with little coalition presence - and provide security to an area that spans 45 square kilometers. Despite their gross lack of nearly everything a military unit requires for success, the ABP in Garmsir continue to accomplish their mission. In the past five months there has been only one IED event in their area, and that roadside bomb was identified and reported to the ABP by a local villager - a positive sign that the local populace is on the side of the government."

Telling you Spirit of America is doing good is like pointing out that Soldier's Angels is too. But we should do so as often as possible.