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Special Forces Legend Defamed by the Military Order of the Purple Heart?

COL (ret) Henry Cook is a Special Forces legend.  In Viet Nam, Henry Cook was a junior officer serving in 1967-68 in the Mobile Guerilla Forces that operated behind enemy lines for extended periods of time.  In 1968-1969, Cook then went on to lead teams of the Mike Force. Henry Cook was wounded twice in Viet Nam (once while fighting an attack on the hospital in which he was recovering from being wounded in the field).  He's been retired twice because he was called back to active duty during Operation Desert Storm.  Henry served his country for 42 years, with 33 years of that service in the US Army Special Forces.

So this article below is a bit disturbing:

BILOXI, MS (WLOX-TV) - Retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel Henry Cook is a 40 year military veteran who nearly died when he was wounded in Vietnam. He is also a Hancock County attorney, who has donated thousands of hours of legal work to veterans over the years.

In fact, his work has been so important that three years ago, he was chosen to serve as the National Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Cook told WLOX News that he was honored when he was chosen to serve as the groups National Commander. He knew it would be a wonderful opportunity to help veterans all around the country.

But not very long after he took office, things began to change for the worse. It all started with a report that aired in 2008, on ABC'S Good Morning America, by chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. It found that The Military Order of the Purple Heart was not a very good steward of the millions of dollars donated every year to help Purple Heart veterans...

Go here for the rest of the article.  Below is video of the interview - they call COL Cook "venerated" which is a gross understatement: