Drunkblogging the Obama Speech So I don't have to...
Veterans are the reason for the high deficit

Obama has learned nothing about being Commander in Chief

My reaction to Obama's speech was confirmation that this guy has near zero leadership ability.

President Obama’s biggest problem as Commander in Chief is that he is not a leader. He is detached from the troops who fight our wars and they will never feel about him the way they did about George W. Bush. He is uninspiring and it is obvious that he considers the fight against Islamic extremists to be a distraction from his true mission, fundamentally transforming and rescuing America from its failed past. There was not a single moment in his speech where he spoke to the troops about their mission. He spoke about them in reverent tones, but he never articulated what we were fighting and why it really mattered. There is a reason for that, he has absolutely no rapport with them, he doesn’t understand them, and he has absolutely no clue how to lead them. Hell he really wishes he didn’t have to.

My welcoming rant to Obama is below the fold (language warning). Sadly it still seems perfectly apt.