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Murtha's pork from the grave

Just when you thought you could ignore the Lummox, he gets a few final shots in.

In death as in life, no one can stop the late Congressman Jack Murtha from spending your tax money on projects in his Pennsylvania district in the name of national security.

The former defense-appropriations chief in the House — who famously remarked, “If I’m a little corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district” — passed on in February. His successor, Rep. Mark Critz, gave Murtha an appropriate eulogy earlier this summer, slipping a $10 million earmark into the House version of next year’s defense funding bill to fund construction of a John P. Murtha Center for Public Service at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. If the earmark survives the snail’s-pace process of passing the bill during the current election season — and its prognosis is good — Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has pledged to match the cash with state money.

Why couldn't we have had an eternal flame at the John Murtha "Burning in Hell" memorial?