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Me & Krauthammer

Matt highlighted another in an endless stream of spot on pieces from Charles Krauthammer. I read it and it made me feel good because me & Dr. K were on the same sheet of music. I know that I don't play in his league, I don't think anyone does since WFB is gone. But I felt like a happy apprentice who got confirmation of being on target with the piece I wrote while Obama was blathering.

UJ: He is uninspiring and it is obvious that he considers the fight against Islamic extremists to be a distraction from his true mission, fundamentally transforming and rescuing America from its failed past.

Dr. K: These wars are a distraction, unwanted interference with his true vocation -- transforming America.

UJ: When Obama announced more troops for Afghanistan he also announced the date of our withdrawal and he doubled down on that gutless, feckless and failure of a policy again.

Dr. K: Such an impression could only have been reinforced when, given the opportunity in his Oval Office address this week to dispel the widespread perception in Afghanistan that America is leaving, Obama doubled down on his ambivalence.

UJ: Get back to bankrupting our economy Mr. President, our military will carry on without the leadership you cannot bring.

Dr. K: He could not have made more clear where his priorities lie, and how much he sees foreign policy -- war policy -- as subordinate to his domestic ambitions.

UJ: Obama is a politician and that is where he feels comfortable. he even felt obligated to remind us that “ending” the Iraq War was a campaign promise of his.

Dr. K: Most emphatically from Iraq, where Obama has long made clear that his objective is simply ending combat operations by an arbitrary deadline -- despite the fact that a new government has not been formed and all our hard-won success hangs in the balance -- in order to address the more paramount concern: keeping a campaign promise.

Up next I will compare my radio chops to Rush Limbaugh. Let the UJ abuse begin.