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Marine Special Operations to get the new SCAR


The Marine Corps Times reported last week that:

Corps’ special operators to get new rifle
By Tony Lombardo

The MK17 SCAR-Heavy fires 7.62mm rounds from a 20-round magazine and features inter changeable barrels measuring 13, 16 and 20 inches. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command is in line to receive 250 ambidextrous MK17s and other SCAR variants within a year, said Air Force Maj. Wes Ticer, a spokesman for U.S. Spe cial Operations Command.

“Currently, there is no assault rifle in our inventory with the 7.62 round,” Ticer said.

Additionally, MARSOC may soon field the MK13 grenade launcher and MK20 sniper rifle, Ticer said. The launcher features atelescoping buttstock, allowing it to be used independently or while mounted to a SCAR rifle. It fires all types of 40mm grenades with an effective point range of 100 meters, and 300 meters for an area target.
Special Operational Combat Assault rifles — SCARs for short — are intended to augment or replace a handful of SOCOM weapons, including the 5.56mm M4A1 carbine, 5.56mm MK18 close-quarter carbine, 7.62mm MK11 sniper security rifle, 5.56mm MK12 special purpose rifle and the 7.62mm M14 long-range rifle.
A 5.56mm SCAR, the MK16 SCAR-Light, was also cleared for full-rate production, but SOCOM has no current plans to purchase it, Ticer said. It lacks a significant “performance advantage” over the M4 to warrant the expense, Ticer said....

More here at NBC13

It's been at least 4-5 decades since the Colt AR (M16 etc) was introduced. 'Bout time.