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Julian Assange: Collateral Rapist (Update)

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Director of Public Prosecutions Marianne Ny said she decided to reopen the investigation after further review of the case.

"There is reason to believe that a crime has been committed. Considering information available at present, my judgment is that the classification of the crime is rape," Ny said in a statement on the Prosecution Authority's website.

"More investigations are necessary before a final decision can be made," she added. She also said a preliminary investigation into charges of molestation would be expanded to sexual coercion and sexual molestation.

"The case has a high priority," she told Reuters. She declined to say whether Assange had already been questioned or give further information.

My heart goes out to these poor women -- apparently at least one of which was a young girl at the time she was raped -- just as it goes out to the Apache helicopter crew he so unfairly maligned, and to the families of the Afghanistan informants he exposed, and who now are in fear for their lives.  More here.

-- Uber Pig

PS:  Assange's internal monologue.