Gunships in Waziristan
Post 9/11 GI Bill Transferability

How fake vets get away with it...

It's complicity with the media, that's how.

The Farm Team guys over at This Ain't Hell have been at it hard lately- un-burying what's been buried, revealing what's been stashed in the backgrounds of these fakes.

Jonn and TSO often ask people in various areas for assists, and we GLADLY do so.  This is a case where, since I was 'local' they asked us to help uncover a few idiots.  One, Dunan Strandlof (here, and here), had his case tossed by Judge Blackburn earlier this year; another, Kevin Grimsigner, is likely to skate because the MFM isn't willing to do its' homwork, so it's up to guys like Jonn to do the dirty work.

Then, they (the Denver Post) want US to share with them what we have; when we ask them to reciprocate, we're basicaly told to 'eff off'.  So, when it comes to more Stolen Valor info, more guys that need help, we're going at this in a different direction- and leaving the Denver Post behind.  And you wonder why they are tanking and losing cred?  And it's not like I wasn't graduated from the same journo schools as they have been (E.W. Scripps, anyone?) 

Go take a read at TAH- and while you're at it, send a nice, FRIENDLY note to Lee Ann, editor at DP; here is her email, [email protected], and here is her phone: 303-954-1754.  Hey- both are published on their site so I'm not releasing confidential info. I'm not providing linky's back just to double their readership.  And be sure to leave a FRIENDLY voicemail or two or thirty...

Meanwhile, we're back on the Strandlov and Stolen Valor issues; and there are several good military-supportive radio stations around here.  As well as other publications.