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UPDATE 1! Help find some friends...

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UPDATE 1:  It's incredible.  After 24 years, I've found one of the people mentioned below.  I'm not going to say WHICH one, just yet, but I wanted to let you know one has been 'found' and contact made.  AND WHAT A SURPRISE IT WAS.  Just. Incredible.  And it was joyous. 
I"ll go into details soon; I'm still trying to make contact with the other two- we're REALLY close. Keep the info coming- all of it helps.  AND TO THOSE WHO PROVIDED INFO- THANK YOU!

ORIGINAL POST: Well, I've been thinking about this post for some time.  Knowing the power of the internetsington, I need to post a small request.  I'm not gonna use Classmates or Find-A-Friend or any of that stuff, 'cause they just can't work right.

I need some help finding some old compatriots that have fallen off the map long ago.  I'm hoping some of you can at least point me in the right direction.  Or may have served with them.  There are 3 that I'm hoping to get locales on:

1.  Jeffery Bailes- this guy is hard to miss.  He's about 6-ft 3, probably close to 230lbs by now, was bald before bald was bad.  Medic type.  Went to ROTC and Airborne with me, but left ROTC before commissioning.  Went active duty before I was graduated. Not sure of his first assignment, but I believe it was Germany.  But could be wrong.  This would have been '85 til later time frame.  I would believe he was a lifer.  From Ohio

2.  Craig Reardon-  or Riordan.  Don't remember exact spelling.  Jungle Expert badge, wanted to go Public Affairs before even I knew what it was.  SoCal guy- and TOTALLY SoCal.  Skinny, but tough.  Went thru some 'training' in Ft Lewis with me.  

3.  Elizabeth Peto - last but not least.  OBC together- best of friends.  Signal, former DI, and top marathon runner.  Had a married name of Rickel at one point.  Went to Signal Bn in Germany, and lost touch after a year there.  Hungarian.  One tough chick.  She still owes me a pull-ring off my reserve parachute.  I'll tell that story someday.  Oh, her Hungarian name was Erzike.  Muffed ABN school due to heights issues.

If anyone has served, or heard of them, write me at the.mr.wolf at the gmail dot com address.