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Gunships in Waziristan

Good thing is they are ours. Not very far into Pakistan, but it sets a nice precedent that crossing from one rock to the next does not absolve you of being a rat bastard terrorist.

Ten Haqqani Network fighters fighters were killed during a clash this morning along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, a US military official told The Long War Journal, but current reports indicate the helicopters did cross into Pakistan to engage Taliban fighters. The military official said that ISAF is still gathering information on the clash.

The fighting took place near Combat Outpost Narizah, an Afghan base just eight miles from the Pakistani border in Khost province, the official said. Khost is a stronghold of the Haqqani Network, an Afghan Taliban subgroup based in North Waziristan, Pakistan.

Now we are denying that we did this and that's fine. What we say publicly with the Pakistanis isn't the important thing here. This gives the jihadis something to talk about as they sit around the fire waiting to molest goats. It doesn't matter what we do as much as what our enemies think we do. Perception is reality and if they start having dreams about Apaches lighting up their little convoys with 30mm HE rounds to augment their current night sweats about Predators and Reapers bringing Hellfire and damnation....well good! Let that be the reality they perceive.

The Talibs and their foreign compatriots of ass need to learn that whatever Obama may have said about some troops leaving next Summer, he sure believes in stacking dead tangos like cord wood.