The ever-helpful Iranians

SECOND UPDATE! (Get hankies. And your wallet- now!)

Corporal-of-Marines MOTHAX over at the Burn Pit sends us this link to a story about a Marine Corporal who's gone home.  And his family needs some help.

Also read about that great American singer, Clay Walker, and how he helped this great Marine in his last days.

I mean it.  Hankie time.  You've been warned.


UPDATE 1:  Let me tell you how much the readers of Blackfive ROCK: The Legion has just reported to me (Thank you, MOTHAX) that as of this morning (9/16) Blackfive has the highest number of referrals to the Legion site, and the highest number of donations.  SO FAR, you rock-studs have donated $14,600 to the family, from over 250 donors!!!  That's 14k in less than 24 hours!  FANTASTIC!  Now the bad news- be looking later this week as we report on the family's situation- from what I'm told, it's not good with the Marine's funeral provider.  Awaiting updates soon.  BUT THANK YOU ALL!  PLEASE pass this along!  You're making a huge difference!

UPDATE 2:  Ok, this is getting incredible!  AS OF FRIDAY MORNING, they are at over $37,000 dollars!  That is just fantastic.  Please go see WHY at The Burnpit.  There is a story there about Barry Zito and his foundation...  When this goes to the family I'll have another update.  THANK.YOU.ALL!!!