An Advertising Opportunity: And Much More
Former soldier surrenders after taking hostages at Ga. hospital -

British Chinook in action

The last video I posted of a Chinook pinnacle landing was amazing, from a visual perspective, and got me to searching around on YouTube for more.  And there is plenty more.  But most of it's visual, from air show acrobatics to formations of helicopters doing it Ride of the Valkyries style.  But this video is very much more.  Shot by a British camera crew using a collection of cockpit mounted cameras, it shows a supremely professional crew up close and personal.  Speeding through their preflight checks, nervous because even with Apache support, they know Chinooks are vulnerable to Taliban CSAR traps, and brave because they don't waste a second talking about it.  And sad, because the British Army soldier they were pulling out ended up DOA.  

RIP, Private Chris Gray. 

To watch the video, click this link, as embedding has been disabled on it.