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First Living Medal of Honor Recipient from Iraq or Afghanistan Announced

Barry Zito Gets it

For those of you saddened by the lameness of the three Mets players Matt wrote about earlier, don't worry.  Lots of major league players understand what it's all about.  Here's what one medically retired Marine had to say about Barry Zito:

“I met Barry Zito two years ago,” Hill told San Diego’s City Council. “I was in pretty bad shape, actually. For him to extend his hand in friendship the way he did really made some significant changes in my life. Two years ago, this would be an impossibility for me to stand in front of you like this.”

Hill had driven in from Las Vegas to pay tribute to the San Francisco pitcher, whose Strikes for Troops program has distributed more than $2 million to help defray costs incurred by the families of wounded veterans. The occasion was the Council’s proclamation of Barry Zito Day — San Diego continues to claim the Giants’ left-hander as a University High product — but the brief ceremony belied the lasting impact of Zito’s largesse.

“When a Marine has his leg blown off, there are multiple surgeries and multiple skin grafts,” said Richard Williams, coordinator of the Injured Marine Fund. “The Strikeouts for Troops organization allows me to tell the families, ‘It’s going to be OK. We’re going to pay for your hotel. We’re going to pay for your meals. We’re going to get you a rental car. It’s so comforting to me.’ ”

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